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This community contains material of an adult nature. If you are younger than 18, please do not join or read.

Welcome to Arda, fellow slashers! It's time to renuite!

After leaving the shores of Yahoo for better prospects in LJ, many of us lost touch with each other. This community was started to reunite those that were lost.
Hopefully it can still serve a similar purpose.

It's a place to discover what your fellow slashers are up to, for updates on fan fiction and artwork mainly from the "elf corner" of the LotR slash fandom.

We're not really planning on sailing west any time soon, and everyone, 'new' or 'old', is very welcome to join the effort to make this a living community with loads of good reading.

You may:
* Post/ link your work and read others'.
* Report and find updates on what is
posted in journals, sites and archives.

The rules are as follows:

  • We still focus mainly on elves in this community, so try to make your posts elf-related. But if you're an author of elf-slash who also writes men or hobbits, feel free to post links to your other stories as well. Acceptable topics are:
    Fanfiction, fanfic recommendations and links to archives and other elf communities.
    When you rec a fic, please supply a link (to the specific fic.)

  • We also strongly encourage posting artwork (as well as recs).

  • Please use Lj-cut! We want the posts short. Links (in stead of posting your fic) are fine too, of course.

  • All stories should have a proper header with title, rating and disclaimer, you know the drill...

  • Please put at least rating and summary before the cut.

  • Nc-17 rated material is allowed and encouraged, so please do not join unless you're over 18.

  • No discussion (aka. OT entries) except for in the comments. We want it neat and clean on the surface *g*.

  • And of course: This is a slash community. No stories featuring a het pairing (as the main pairing) are allowed.

That's all! Join and have fun!

The mods don't want to 'own' the community - it belongs to the members.
We will remove inappropriate entries if necessary, but hope there will be no need to moderate anyone's behaviour *g*

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